Your story


Comma. Semicolon. Full stop. A pause is so simple, and yet essential to any good story. It is that brief moment when you take a deep breath and just let everything sink in. I think my job as a wedding photographer is a lot like those punctuation marks; to be unnoticeable and yet breathe so much life into a story. Your story.


A photograph has this unique ability of bridging time and space to release the wave of memories and emotions contained within that fleeting moment. A moment that can help sustain you through all the ups and downs of life. That’s because photographs serve as a reminder of what was. These images are about you and telling your story in all its raw and beautiful glory so that you have tangible memories. From the way your partner holds you to the way they make you laugh, you should have these memories you can hold on to forever: ones that you can feel in your hands, share with friends and your future generations.

Photographs are the heartbeat of your wedding. They keep the memory of your day alive. Every click of a shutter is a pulse check to ensure that the moments will live on long after the music stops playing and the flowers wilt. My goal for your wedding day is to match the pace and intensity of your beat so that it is unique to you and your story.

Whether it be fast-paced, a little off beat, or calm and steady, I will capture the atmosphere and the moments that define you and your wedding day by picking up on all the things that make you two you.

Buxted Park Wedding Photographer


I don’t have one particular approach for photographing a wedding day because each and every couple and moment is unique.

And that’s where my focus lies. I seek the moments, people and things you value most. 

At times I will be completely unnoticeable and at other moments I will be laughing right by your side – providing assistance to ensure your wedding runs smoothly. Having done my fair share of sewing bridesmaids into dresses to getting anti-photo grooms and ushers to cut loose, I know how to handle a crisis. 

I learn the names of all your nearest and dearest by heart so that group portraits are efficient and fun – and so that I can anticipate candid moments with that knowledge in mind.

I document all the little moments that define you and your love.  I don’t do cheesy or posed. I do what’s you. I make sure you are focused on one another and are having a great time.

Never the stereotypical photographer, I always do what it takes to ensure everyone I am photographing is having fun and is comfortable around me. I’m a people person, and you can rest easy knowing your day will be epic, you and your guests will be natural in front of me, and you’ll have amazing photos to remember it all.


If you’re here on my website looking for a wedding photographer, one of my biggest focuses in the lead up to the day is to help you create a timeline that flows smoothly and naturally. Every wedding is unique, but no matter what, it should be remembered as a day of pure happiness, laughter and love. My goal is to take the stress away and help you make the day your own kind of epic love story.

 I’m happy to chat with you about it all. 



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