Photographs are the heartbeat of your wedding. Every click of a shutter ensures that the moments will live on long after the music stops playing and the flowers wilt. Whether it be fast-paced, a little off beat, or calm and steady, I will capture the atmosphere and the moments that define your love and your wedding day.

My promise is simple: I will create your favourite picture of you and your partner, your dad and best friend. With my 15 years’ of experience, I have the ability to elicit, predict and capture spontaneous emotions you’ll treasure forever. I know how to manoeuvre myself to photograph your best angles so you’re oblivious to me throughout much of the day as well as how to cultivate light so it enhances every feature of your face and the space around you.

I get to know you. I get to know your loved ones. I commit to heart every element of your wedding and what matters most before I arrive on the day. And that’s what truly makes me unique. I adapt my style and approach to every scenario, moment, wedding and person I’m photographing. I am efficient and a trusted guide on the wedding day, helping everyone feel good about themselves and having fun when being photographed. 


 You deserve having pictures to immortalise your love, family and wedding.