My approach to engagement photography is all about creating an experience and capturing moments. During your engagement session, you will spend real quality time together: reconnecting, making some new memories, reminiscing over old ones, and having an absolute blast. Rather than a repetition of a pose and the click of my camera, every engagement photography collection I deliver contains tangible memories of the way your partner holds you just right; makes you laugh so hard you struggle to breathe; and calms your restless mind with a gentle kiss on your forehead.

These engagement photography sessions are all about you, so you and your partner will have the freedom to choose your location. This is most likely one with sentimental value: the spot where you shared your first kiss or went on your first date, the place he proposed, at your new home, at your upcoming wedding venue, or even where you spend your leisure hours.

If you are thinking of booking me to photograph your wedding, or already have, engagement photography sessions are also a fun way for us to really get to know each other, and for you and your significant other to be completely comfortable around me the moment I walk in the door on your wedding day.

For a full list of collections and print options, please head on over to the wedding photography pricing page and then make sure you drop me a line to book in your photography session.