An in-home newborn photography session compared to a studio session is often down to your personal preference and ultimately, convenience.

If you search for newborn photographer online, you’ll notice there are two main newborn photography styles. And it just so happens that this typically is influenced by the newborn photography shoot taking place at home or in a studio. Both are lovely, but here is why I offer and believe that in-home newborn photography is the perfect way to document these early memories of your little one.

The power of in-home newborn photography

In-home newborn photography usually has more of a lifestyle feel to it. This style is baby-led, with a much more natural feel to it. It isn’t overly staged with props and elaborate contortions of a sleeping baby into all different kinds of positions.

In-home newborn photography is often more emotive as well. The photographs captured are of your little newborns first days in your home. There is something special and sacred about that. This is the space you feverishly tended to pre-baby arrival and this is the space where you and baby feel safe and relaxed.

You’re all adjusting to this new world and experiences, and it is lovely to be able to capture that and document these memories that become all too hazy in the fog of sleep deprivation. This is probably the key reason why to choose an at-home newborn session – you’ll have more than just nice pictures, you’ll have memories. Tangible ones – ones that you can hold in your hands and have to power to transport you back to this precious time.

You might find photographs of your baby posed like a little frog with a funny hat on cute – and that may be enough for you – but don’t you think there is something to be said for an image that beautifully captures the way your newborn liked to sleep with their arms straight out above their head or snuggled up close on your chest? I do.

There is beauty in the every day – the here and now. With in-home newborn photography you can capture beautiful and simple photographs of your little one where the focus is completely on them. On their tiny toes, their chubby rolls, long eyelashes and pouty lip. But also photographs of you on your favourite perch rocking your little one to sleep and photographs with your whole little family unit snuggled up together.

Lifestyle baby photographer in Brighton

Setting the tone with at-home newborn photography

By having your newborn photographer come to you, we’ve naturally set the tone that this photography session will be guided by the baby. They will settle easily, as well as nap and feed as they wish.

You’ll also avoid the stress of packing up and getting out of the house. If an outfit gets spit up on it, you have access to your wardrobes to change and you have quick access to all the things in your home that bring you and your baby comfort. I had a client recently who found their baby always calmed down when they went up and down the stairs of their home a few times, so having quick access to this really put the parents at ease.

With posed studio newborn photography, there is a lot of effort and time involved setting up each pose. Baby’s comfort can be put second to getting the shot, especially if the newborn photographer is relatively inexperienced or new to the art. Many of the traditional newborn photography poses you see are actually fairly dangerous and are several images combined together. Thus it’s very important to check that this kind of photographer is skilled in Photoshop so that you can get the images you’re after without putting your baby in harms way.

Alternatively with lifestyle in-home newborn photography sessions, you’ll have a variety of images, from sleepy newborn photography to images of them awake and cooing. You’ll also get photographs of you and your partner (and other children if you have them), interacting with the baby and each other. All of this is led by the baby’s wants and needs, ensuring that everyone is relaxed and enjoying this time together.

To see examples of in-home newborn photography, check out the newborn photography category on the blog.

If you’re interested in booking a session with a Brighton newborn photographer for an at-home and lifestyle photography session, get in touch.