Bride wedding day emergency kits are the lifesavers you might just overlook in the lead up to your wedding day. It’s cliche but what could go wrong on your wedding day?

They are famous last words – don’t let them define yours by packing a little lifesaving wedding emergency kit! After photographing more than a decade of weddings, I’ve compiled a quick list of all the things that will keep a little wedding hiccup as just that – a little hiccup.

Wedding day emergency kit: What to pack

I always say my job is to document happy couples on one of the best days of their lives, and I think part of that is making sure the couples are stress-free and beaming from sunup to sundown. Because if they aren’t happy, you can bet their wedding pictures won’t be! A wedding day emergency kit takes away a lot of stress and anxiety little mishaps can cause on the day. Here are 14 things to pack in your wedding day emergency kit and why you need to have it close at hand.

1. Mini sewing kit and safety pins

If nothing else, have a little mini sewing kit with the bride AND groom’s party. You know those dainty little zippers on your bridesmaids’ dresses? Dainty is often prone to breaking when people are in a hurry or the dress doesn’t fit quite right. When that zipper breaks, sometimes the only hope is a bunch of safety pins and a sewing kit. A pointy healed shoe on a long dress can also cause a tear in the hem. As for the boys? I’m not sure how they do it, but somehow a few ushers in my time have ripped a hole in the backside of their trousers. I didn’t ask questions. While a mini travel sewing kit is fine, I really recommend finding thread that matches so as to better hide any issues. Also make sure you have some scissors to cut off any frays and loose ends.

2. Stain removers

Baby wipes, chalk and stain remover pen are wedding day essentials – especially if you are wearing white. Baby wipes are surprisingly good at getting stains out and are very delicate so not likely to ruin fabrics. If that doesn’t work, I’ve heard chalk works wonderings on a wedding dress to hide stains, and a Tide To Go pen off Amazon is what got me through wine spills in university and spaghetti nights. It is the American brand product you never knew you were missing.

3. Buttonhole pins or sewing head pins

I don’t know if they loose them or they were never delivered, but I can’t even count the number of times the boys have found themselves without buttonhole pins or coming up short. Sturdy sewing head pins work just fine in a pinch, so make sure those are in the sewing kit or buy some separately. I once used sewing head pins and a bit of tape to save a large dangling section of bride’s floral bouquet that had broken on the way to the ceremony location. You honestly never know how things in these kits will come in handy!

3. Bobby pins and hairspray

Those big bear hugs are amazing, but not so much on your hair – especially if you are rocking a veil. From hugs, the heat and dancing the night away, your hair will probably not look as great as it did at 11 AM. Lots of brides have their up-do or curls looking a little droopy by the time we do the evening couple portraits (you know, that time of day when the light is beautiful for photography), so I really recommend having this stuff on hand. I’ve almost always got my hair pinned up, and often find it in a sad little pony tail by the end of the night as I keep stealing them from my hair to do what I can to ensure the bride loves her photographs from the entire wedding day.

5. Nail kit

From chipped nails to a loose fake nail, think of what you and bridal party may need on the day. Have some nail polish remover at the ready, along with a file, nail polish and maybe even some nail glue.

6. Makeup kit

Pack chapstick, your lipstick, mascara and anything else you may need for a touch up. Having fake eyelashes? Depending on what you have put on, consider packing some lash glue in case the waterworks really flow. At the very least though, stash some chapstick in your bride wedding day emergency kit. You’ll likely not drink enough water on the day, and your lips may need a bit of TLC as the evening wears on.

7. First aid kit

Having things like paracetamol and plasters at the ready can be a real lifesaver. On wedding days it is so easy to get dehydrated and end up with a headache, and blisters? They are all too common. Pack a little first aid kit and consider tossing in some allergy medicine and eyedrops if you know anyone in your bridal party suffers from seasonal allergies.

8. Tissues

At some point, at least one person in your bridal party will probably have a cry. Have some backup tissues tucked in your bridal emergency kit to help contain those waterworks.

9. Tampons/Sanitary pads

Nothing is more unpredictable than mother nature. And for the ladies in the house, you know that Aunt Flo comes when and where she wants. Even if you aren’t due to start, have your girls covered in this area as they might forget to bring enough to the reception or find they started early.

10. Mints and dental floss

While it won’t be the first kiss you two ever shared, it will be the first as a married couple. Having minty fresh breath is a great way to start things off, and dental floss can come in real handy depending on the food being served at the wedding breakfast.

11. Super glue

Superglue can fix just about anything and comes in real handy if any gems or beading break off, heels come loose, etc. But if you’re anything like me, I always get it on my hands – so consider a pair of latex gloves to protect hands.

12. Snacks and bottle of water

This happens way too often at weddings: brides forget to eat. In between an early wakeup, getting ready and out the door, we somehow forget to eat! I don’t know about you, but I get hangry. Pack a few filling snacks like a granola bar and a drink to keep you hydrated. I promise you, it is far better to be desperate for a wee than a ponding headache, so do make sure you drink enough and eat when you remember!

13. Miscellaneous

There are loads of things you can pack in your bridal wedding day emergency kit, but the above is pretty much universal for all wedding days without packing everything you could ever possibly need – and then some. With that said, you could also consider tucking some fabric/fashion tape, pair of flat shoes, cash, spare phone charger, lotion and suncream into the kit. Also have a think of what things you might need, if you’re prone to sweating, get blisters easily, have oily skin, etc.


I hope this list for your wedding day emergency kit will help you and your bridal party survive the wedding day and avoid any unnecessary tears and stress. If you or someone in your party is extra crafty, you can even make a fun little survival trunk like Natasha had on her wedding day.

You can also extend your wedding survival kit to your guests and create individual baggies to help them nurse a hangover the day after your wedding like Kim and Alex did for their wedding. Personally, I think a wedding hangover kit is the best wedding favour you could possibly give your guests!

wedding guest hangover kit

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What to pack in your bride emergency kit