What is your favourite picture? If it is not a wedding photo, chances are it wasn’t taken by a professional. Why? Because you have an emotional connection to that cherished photo– a memory.

Over the past year, I have been trying to figure out how to make my photographs feel genuine and to carry weight. I thought about it a lot and incorporated poses that had action and laughter, but I still felt something was lacking. Suddenly, the obvious dawned on me– I had to help clients create memories during their session with me. I want my clients to have pictures that are tangible memories, and so I had to create scenarios and prompts that would encourage my clients to interact with each other and be themselves.

I’m all about a good pose and will always have my posing tips and tricks for those who want traditional portraits, but I’m tired of the fake laughs and the facade that goes along with “candid” moments that are actually staged.

With this in mind, I snagged these two up and headed for the hills. I wanted Ben and Steph to have photos of themselves holding each other the way they actually hold each other– not the way I told them to. To tell jokes and laugh at each other– not to awkwardly laugh because I said so. To sing their favourite song at the top of their lungs, and capture the moments that define who they are– as individuals, and as a couple.

Brighton Engagement Photographer _ Romantic photography on South Downs, West Sussex

Steph is the little sister of one of Ben’s friends. They have grown up with each other, and they have grown into each other. Neither paid the other much attention till Ben caught Steph’s eye on New Year’s Eve in 2008. Steph has B-E-A-Utiful eyes, and Ben didn’t stand a chance once she set her sights on him. Six months later he was her boyfriend, and exactly five years later–after a once-in-a-lifetime kind of date at The Ritz in London– they were engaged.

Ben always puts Steph first, and it is obvious he is completely enamored with her because of the way he always dotes on his darling bride-to-be. From this session it was clear that these two are so aware of one other– of each others hopes, fears, and dreams. They are really in tune with one another, and are working towards the same future. Both are so proud of one another, and I can only imagine the best of futures for these two.

To Ben and Steph, thank you so much for allowing me to document such a special time in your lives. Thank you even more so for going along with whatever I asked of you. You embraced this session wholeheartedly, and I’m extremely grateful.

Brighton Engagement Photographer _ Engagement shoot on South Downs, West Sussex

Brighton Engagement Photographer _ Relaxed engagement photography on the South Downs in West Sussex

Brighton Engagement Photographer _ Engagement photography on South Downs, West Sussex

Brighton Engagement Photographer _ West Sussex engagement photoshoot near Hassocks

Brighton Engagement Photographer _ West Sussex engagement shoot on South Downs

Brighon Engagement Photographer _ South Downs engagement shoot on South Downs

Brighton Engagement Photographer _ South Downs Engagement Photography in West Sussex


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