The perfect song for the first dance isn’t always an easy choice. You might be one of those couples that has THE song that has been playing in your head on repeat since your first year together, but you might have also grown out of “our song”. Maybe it just doesn’t feel right for your first dance as husband and wife. You might also be one of those couples that never really associated a song with your relationship. 

Whatever the struggle, I’ve hopefully got you covered with this fantastic list of first dance songs (click here for songs for your processional and here for ceremony readings inspiration). After being to countless weddings as a photographer, here are some timeless and unique choices for your first dance as husband and wife.

Just remember, you can also customise these songs to suit your wedding. If you’re having a band or DJ, they can definitely put a unique spin on things – and a great band can really do just about anything with a song (from making it acoustic to tweaking the words, you can guarantee having a perfect and unique first dance song for your day). You could also play just part of the song and transition into another great song to really get the party started if slow jamming alone on the dance floor isn’t your thang.

And as a quick bonus tip before we get started, if you really love some of these songs, add them to a playlist for when you are getting ready the day of your wedding! For more of my best advice on having a smashing good time on your wedding day, check out this post. 

Below you’ll find my YouTube playlist with around 100 songs you can listen to while while you browse real wedding photography on my website’s blog for inspiration. If you want to skip ahead or see what’s all in the playlist, click on the hamburger icon on the video in the top right. Enjoy!

Or you can also listen on Spotify. There are a handful of songs I couldn’t find on there, but most are there!