As a Sussex Personal Branding Photographer, it is my job to help clients feel completely at ease. And that challenge and expectations can be set high!

Genevieve is the owner of Corniela James, the luxury glove brand beloved by our late Queen, royal family and celebrities like Lady Gaga. These are also the beautiful luxury gloves you fell in love with when watching Bridgerton on Netflix.

So as I said, the bar was set pretty high!

She’s not only modelled themselves but also directed and worked alongside many of the best for their luxury brand.

But Genevieve fell in love with my photography. She watched me document her son’s marquee wedding and seeing the resulting images had her completely wowed. She loved my attention to detail and ability to get everyone to relax – as well as take beautiful photographs.

It was incredibly flattering to receive such high praise from her and her family. Especially after hearing how worried they were following their experience with the family’s last wedding photographer.

Luxury Sussex Personal Branding Photographer

As Genevieve was in desperate need of an updated headshot for a publication in the BBC, along with some new press that were enquiring with her company. She hadn’t done a headshot in years, and didn’t want to be one of those people who send in a photograph of themselves from years prior.

So off to the Cornelia James warehouse we went for a quick photoshoot. It was a squeeze to get the turnaround time she needed, but we did it! And thankfully the light drizzle didn’t show up in the photographs. We were a bit worried about weather, but had a short deadline.

Being a luxury Sussex Personal Branding Photographer enables me to understand my clients quickly. With over six years in marketing, I’m able to combine a client’s best angles with the messages they want to convey.

And I’m so glad I convinced Genevieve to take a quick photograph in the warehouse – as this is the one they ended up using for the publication.

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