This surprise gay marriage proposal during Pride couldn’t have been more perfect. These two are so in sync and they are the best of friends.

Woody and Richard wanted their two year anniversary to be special. They met during Pride in Brighton, so Richard knew he wanted to propose at Preston Park. We chatted a few ideas and he really wanted to do a little picnic in the afternoon. So I reached out to Tania Russell Weddings, who is a Sussex LGBTQ Wedding Planner to see if she’d be available to put a little something together.

But then I got an email from Woody!

Gay couple proposes at the same time in Brighton

When Woody reached out he explained that Richard had spilled the beans! They were talking about their future together and it all came out – it can be hard keeping secrets for some people, and Richard was definitely one!

However, Woody somehow convinced Richard to keep the picnic and they’d just turn it into a two year photoshoot to celebrate the day. And then that’s when Woody hatched his plan to finally propose. He already had the ring, and really wanted to be the one to do it. Richard had been married before coming out, and Woody thought it would be extra special if this time Richard was the one being asked.

I honestly expected Richard to be suspicious, but his tears and complete shock gave way that he didn’t have a clue!

Gay Pride Proposal at Preston Park in Rockery Garden

The Rockery Garden is a pretty little area just across the road from Preston Park in Brighton, so we headed there for some pictures before these two made their way to the picnic Tania set up.

We were a bit worried how messy the park would be after Pride, but there was hardly any evidence of the weekend festivities – all but a few fence pieces remained.

This is one of the best gay proposals I’ve had the honour to photograph. These two have an incredible relationship and are honestly meant for one another. There is no better way to explain how in tune they are.

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Preston Park gay proposal during Pride with photographer

Surprise Gay Marriage Proposal Photographer

As a Brighton proposal photographer I’ve photographed love in all its beautiful forms. This surprise gay marriage proposal was the perfect way to end Pride.

If you’re looking for an LGBT couple photographer, I’d love to chat.

Till next time,

Kelsie Scully Photography