A big smile and welcoming demeanor greeted me as I approached a certain tall, dark and handsome. Alex was about to see his bride under the big oak tree at the Sugarland Barn Wedding venue, and he was dressed to the nines. Alex was ready, and he had been for a long time.

Alex began courting Ashley in secondary school, and through her daily love notes riddled with poor grammar, he fell in love. Though a lot of people grow out of their high school sweethearts, Ashley and Alex grew together–hand in hand. As she grew from the girl with poor punctuation into an accomplished English teacher, Alex continued to add so much laughter, love and comfort into her life.

Sugarland Barn Wedding in Summer

Ashley and Alex’s wedding was beautiful and really showed the power of what it means when two people are so hopelessly in love. The love and support of those around them was so evident in the flow of tears, wine and laughter. I am so thankful that I was able to capture their memories of this day, and wish them a lifetime of laughter.

Ceremony under big oak tree - sussex wedding photographer

Oak tree ceremony vows - Sussex Wedding Photographer

Sugarland Barn ceremony under oak tree - Sussex Wedding Photographer

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Sussex Wedding Photographer - Romantic couple portraits

Barn reception - Sussex Wedding Photographer

Sussex Wedding Photographer - Barn wedding reception decor

West Sussex Wedding Photographer - Barn reception first dance

Sussex wedding photographer -Barn reception bouquet toss

Sussex Wedding Photographer - Old barn reception


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