As a secret engagement photographer in West Sussex, one of the best places to propose is Devil’s Dyke. It’s a beautiful spot for a sunset proposal and perfect for a picnic or romantic walk.

So when Y told me his plans to propose on a romantic boat ride had to be scrapped due to choppy waters, we chatted about other great locations in the area.

After I showed him another secret engagement proposal I photographed at Devil’s Dyke, he was sold on the idea. Though he’ll be the first to admit he was so skeptical about the weather.

But that’s England for you! I reassured him that more often than not, poor weather conditions make for epic sunsets. And on the night of his proposal, that proved to be very true!

Thankfully we have the technology now that we can watch the weather radar to see when and where it’s going to rain. And I’m always really flexible to account for this.

But saying that, sometimes my clients want to go ahead with their crazy plans. And I’ve got to say they’ve made for my favourite moments! Just check out this proposal at Devil’s Dyke in the rain!

Sussex Secret Engagement Photographer at Devil’s Dyke

These two got together during lockdown. As doctors, they helped each other navigate an increasingly crazy world. They became each other’s shoulder to lean on and biggest supporters.

And in a world of bubbles, they instantly felt like they were the only two people in the world.

Y wanted to make this birthday special. And that he did! C was taken completely by surprise and blown away with his incredible sunset proposal.

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Till next time,
Kelsie Scully Photography

Kelsie is a secret engagement photographer in the UK for proposals. Based in Sussex, she travels around England and abroad to document this incredible moment for incredible people.