All you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust’. Okay, maybe scratch the pixie dust – it would have gotten everywhere during the confetti tunnel. Plus, these two proved all you need is faith, trust and LOVE. Two gents, who are young at heart and will never grow up, embarked on the greatest adventure of them all on the outskirts of Brighton. Gathered at Proud Country House in Stamner Park with their closest friends and family, they committed themselves to forever and always.

Stamner Park Wedding Photography in Brighton, East Sussex

When these two met, it was like the evening fireworks display at Disney—you know, like with the castle silhouetted with bright flashes of light where you can physically feel the blast pounding its way through to your heart? Yeah. Like that. They love Disney. It’s what brought them together and it’s where they regularly escape whenever they get the chance.

Their wedding though? That was decidedly not Disney. This love story was taken straight from the pages of J. M. Barrie with understated elegance. It was one of their favourite books, and so much of J.M. Barrie’s words symbolised their love. As you can see, the Proud Country House was the perfect backdrop to their Peter Pan themed wedding. Their theme really made for some beautiful Stamner Park wedding photography!

Proud House Wedding Ceremony at Stamner House Wedding Photography

Brighton Proud Country House Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony at Stamner Park with East Sussex Photographer

Proud Country House Wedding Stamner Park Same-Sex Photographer

Stamner Park Wedding Photography Couple Portraits Same-Sex Brighton Photographer

Elegant Peter Pan Themed Wedding Proud Country House Stamner Park Wedding Photography

Stamner Park Wedding Photography Proud House Wedding Couple Portraits Brighton Photographer

Peter Pan Themed Cake Stamner House Wedding Photography Same-Sex Photographer

N + D, I am so grateful you invited me into your most cherished moments. I can only hope I’ve done them justice. I hope that as memories fade, as they always do, these photos take you back to a time and place where your love soaredstraight on till morning, to Neverland. The time and place where the never was possible and two best friends got married and proved that all you need is love, and maybe just a little pixie dust – you are gay after all! 😉


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