Best place to propose in Brighton

This proposal at Devil’s Dyke was a perfect way to celebrate life and love after the first 2020 lockdown. With holidays cancelled, and limited options for a creative proposal, Tristan luckily had a friend mention my services. He knew Tegan would be over the moon. She had just shared how she wanted future wedding photographs to fill on the walls of their home. So he knew she would love to have this moment documented to look back on for years to come.

When Tristan reached out to me, he had the ring, but didn’t know where he wanted to propose or how he would keep it a secret. I shared a places that fit his wish list, and after viewing a few, Devil’s Dyke was the clear winner. We then arranged to met at Devil’s Dyke prior to the proposal to cement the plan. We found the perfect spot to set up the picnic and discuss where I would be. Tristan easily convinced Tegan that they were to enjoy a simple picnic at Devil’s Dyke.

Now how were we to get Tegan there and keep the secret? I shared my top tip to instigate date nights to shake up the every day – ideal at the time with so much closed. The genius of this plan was that it gave Tegan an excuse to dress up a little and set everything in motion for one of the happiest yeses I’ve ever seen. Finding an excuse to get your partner to dress up is something I highly recommend doing!

Propose at Devil’s Dyke on the South Downs

‘This is going to be our spot. Always.’ When I overheard Tegan say these words through tears of joy, I knew we had created the perfect proposal. She hugged and held on to him so tightly after the proposal that I wasn’t sure if she would ever let go.

Cheers from a group behind me alerted Tegan to my presence shortly after the proposal. At first she just thought I was someone who happened upon the proposal. She was shocked to learn Tristan organised a photographer. She had lots of questions and soon learned almost everyone knew about this proposal – it seemed all her friends, family and strangers like me where in on the secret!

I wanted to make sure they really enjoyed this moment. I told them I was going to capture with my long lens so they could talk some more and retreated a bit further. Once they were ready, they waved me back over for some engagement pictures. And then as I was leaving, I couldn’t help but creep on them a bit while they shared a toast to their engagement while watching the sunset. It was a truly beautiful evening!

We had so much fun that Tristan and Tegan have now booked my photography services for their 2021 wedding. I’m so excited to be at St. Peter’s Church in Brighton and Laughton Barn in May.

Sunset proposal on South Downs at Devil’s Dyke in Brighton

Tristan and Tegan have something so incredibly special and it was a massive honour to photograph this moment for them. Their love story is incredibly special. I just have to share a little bit of what they told me before sharing a few images from their proposal. You see, Tegan’s brother has Down’s Syndrome and wouldn’t let anyone treat him until he met Tristan. I’m pretty sure Tegan knew it was fate – and Tristan was THE ONE – when she was telling her father all about this amazing Podiatrist she had met and her father told her this Tristan was the same person her brother had finally trusted to treat him. I can completely see why Tristan captured her brother’s trust and Tegan’s heart. Tristan is an incredibly kind and thoughtful person, and clearly cares so deeply for his Tegan.

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