Where is the most romantic place to propose in Sussex? It’s a question we get asked time and again.

And one of the best places to propose is Beachy Head with Belle Toute Lighthouse in the distance. This is a perfect sunset walk to get down on one knee for a proposal. It takes about 15-20 minutes to walk between the two lighthouses, but you can also continue on to Birling Gap and Seven Sisters! The whole walk would take you a little over an hour.

You can see all of my proposals at Beachy Head Lighthouse by clicking here.

Most Romantic Place to Propose in Sussex

However, I recommend the shorter walk between the two lighthouses at sunset. That’s because of how quiet it is! After 6 PM parking is free – because it’s pretty empty by then. There are usually a few people by the Beachy Head Lighthouse, but the stretch of land between the two lighthouses has people few and far between.

Making it the most romantic place to propose in Sussex that’s nice and secluded! If you need other ideas on where to propose, check out this post about best places to propose in West Sussex and this blog post for best places to propose in East Sussex.

Warren and Samantha’s Engagement Proposal

Warren reached out to me shortly after him and Sam booked their wedding venue! Yep, these two already had a date before they were officially engaged. But they fell in love with Southdown Manor. And with so few dates available in 2022 thanks to Covid postponements, they wanted to snag a date before it was gone!

So Warren knew he had to make the proposal a little bit more special as she was fully expecting it to happen at any moment!

And that’s where I came in!

We chatted locations, but from the beginning, Warren was pretty set on Beachy Head. It’s one of my most popular places to propose as it is so stunning and provides amazing privacy.

Sam and Warren loved their proposal photography so much they went on to book me for their wedding photography and for a family session with their gorgeous dog, Robin.

When I shared a little preview on social media of their proposal, this is what Samatha had to say:

First of all… thank you so much! What you did for us with the photos and the moment itself is completely priceless and you captured the most perfect shots.

I honestly couldn’t ask for anything more, even just having you around that evening was such a pleasure. You are so kind and such a lovable character who really made us feel at ease.

The photos are stunning, the reel makes me cry every time (happy tears of course). It honestly is priceless.

I’m so grateful for all the hard work you have put into our proposal and the photos and I hope we can work with you again in the future


most romantic place to propose in sussex

most romantic place to propose in sussex

most romantic place to propose in sussex

most romantic place to propose in sussex

most romantic place to propose in sussex

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