As a luxury picnic proposal photographer, I love helping couples make any location extraordinary. It’s amazing what a pretty blanket, some throw pillows and a few special touches can do! Suddenly a secluded spot is intimate and romantic.

When Chris reached out, he had so many ideas for his proposal. He knew from the start that he wanted to do a romantic picnic proposal. But as Chris was visiting from the US to see his girlfriend, they had lots of weekend getaways planned – so the where was a big question!

But when they booked a trip to Jurassic Coast, Chris knew he had to do it there! Michelle and Chris met while kayaking on holiday. And as they were going to book another kayak trip for this weekend, it felt like the perfect “full circle” moment.

Chris and Michelle’s Secluded Beach Proposal

And so it was time to get planning! I reached out to my contacts and found a local planner who had great props and access to a brilliant caterer, florist and local vineyard for the wine!

Her and I arrived early to help set everything up – and oh wow did it all look amazing! We chose a spot under some trees as there was slight potential for rain towards the last 30 minutes of their 2 hour rental. Thankfully when it did rain, the couple had already left and it was a slight drizzle for a few minutes.

All the details were just perfect and after Chris proposed, he asked that I remain hidden so they could enjoy some time completely alone. I thus went and enjoyed some time at the beach a few minutes away so they could enjoy the moment and amazing food! Once they were stuffed to the brim, Chris called me back over and we created some lovely engagement photographs together.

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Luxury Picnic Proposal Photographer

If you’re looking for a luxury picnic proposal photographer, I’d love to help make any space magical for you two. This is a great option if you want to dress up a spot that has special meaning – from where you met or a room in the house you just bought!

I’ve got loads of contacts who can help create something truly magical. From amazing florists to wedding planners and prop hire companies.

Till next time,
Kelsie Scully Photography

Kelsie is a surprise proposal photographer in the UK serving Sussex, Kent, London, Surrey, Dorset and beyond!