This time, her yes cost him a little more than £5!

He couldn’t just swipe right when he came across Paula’s dating profile. He had to get her attention – and so he did a superswipe. And after an epic first date, he could already see a future with her. Clearly the best fiver he ever spent.

Her dog quickly became his fur baby too and before they knew it, their lives were perfectly intertwined.

They’ve flown over from the US a few times in the past year and this trip was another full itinerary. The highlight of this trip? A visit to Diddly Squat Farm Shop – and this proposal of course!!

The Langley Hotel Picnic Cabana Proposal in Buckinghamshire

I adore that Jose proposed within a few hours of them landing so that this entire trip serves as an epic engagement-moon of sorts!

When Jose reached out he had the whole proposal planned already, so it was my job to arrive early and ensure it was set up how he envisioned and ensure he got the exact cabana he wanted.

And then I lay in wait – literally! I was hidden behind a huge tree and peaking out from this little groove in the tree at Jose’s feet waiting for him to get in position.

A huge thank you to the team at The Langley Hotel for making this proposal special. I hope I’m back soon for a gorgeous wedding at The Langley Hotel – this venue is absolutely stunning!

I absolutely love a luxury picnic proposal and organising them for my couples.

Check out the reel to see a few video clips I took during their proposal.

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