As a London family photographer for American expats, I love helping families do an epic goodbye tour of the city they’ve called home.

Especially when American expats have a young families. The ones that were born here and only know England as their home. I imagine these little ones all grown up and revisiting the places in the photographs I took. Having reminisced about those places throughout their childhood and vowing to one day return.

To say I take the assignment seriously is an understatement!

London Family Photographer for American Expats

Having a London Family Photographer takes the stress out of corralling the children. I bring the fun and direction, so all you have to worry about is soaking up family time.

And as an expat from Midwest America and mum to two, I get it. I empathise so deeply with these parents and that desire to document what was.

And a goodbye photography tour of London is not only invaluable to yourselves and your children, but also fun! It’s nostalgic but also like seeing this place with new eyes all over again. There is nothing like playing tourist in your own city! But going to all the iconic spots that have become symbolic with the place you’ve called home, is also a surreal experience.

Tower Bridge London Family Photographer Expats

Tower Bridge Vacation London Family Photographer Expats

London vacation Family Photographer Tower Bridge

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London Family Photographer for vacation at Tower Bridge

Vacation family photography in London

London Family Photographer American Expats

London Family Photographer for American Expats

London Family Photographer for American Expats

Till next time,
Kelsie Scully Photographer

Kelsie is a London Family Photographer specialising in goodbye tours for expats from America and around the world. If you’d like epic photographs of the place you’ve called home and memories for yourself and family, I’d love to create an unforgettable experience of your final days in the country.

While some families want city, others love the beauty of the countryside and seasonal bluebell family photography. I’m here to help you create the tangible memories for your whole family.