Lewes Castle wedding photography has never been done like this! I’ve always adored this Castle and thought it was the perfect castle to elope. This Lewes wedding venue is located just off the high street, and high above the town, you feel a million miles away.

Wedding Photographer at Lewes Castle Elopement

I met Kayla by chance and as a fellow American, we instantly bonded. When I heard about her summer wedding being cancelled due to Covid, I was heartbroken for her. 

They’d eloped to secure Kayla’s spouse visa just weeks before Covid hit the news. Her and Faron had never planned for that ceremony to be anything more than paperwork. It wasn’t supposed to be their wedding day. But because they had friends and family in literally every corner of the world, they couldn’t bring themselves to plan again. It seemed too risky and unlikely everyone could get together. 

As I heard her rationale, I immediately knew I had to plan a new wedding of sorts for her. I reached out to a bunch of colleagues in the wedding industry, and in a few short months, we had the perfect day planned for Kayla and Faron. 

We even went to Bridal Indulgence and chose dresses and accessories because Kayla confessed that it was more the sort of thing her mom envisioned. But we did still take some in her dress so that she at least got to wear it once and make her mum happy!

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Lewes Castle Wedding in East Sussex

There are some seriously stunning wedding venues in Lewes, and Lewes Castle is one of my absolute favourites. This 1,000 year old castle ruin is the tallest in the area, and provides the most incredible panoramic views of Lewes and the rolling Sussex country.

Licenced ceremonies take place under the West Tower archway, where up to 80 guests can be in attendance.

The only possible drawback to this venue is access – it is a bit of a climb for disabled or elderly guests. But there are lots of benches to rest on, and given enough time and determination, I’m sure many grandparents would make the ascent! 

Once the ceremony at Lewes Castle is complete, a drinks reception is held in the Gun Garden – which is also a great space for group photographs. And the Gun Garden also hosts 100 guests for a wedding breakfast and reception.

Sussex Past Wedding Suppliers

Providing the wedding photography at Lewes Castle is a huge honour. This wedding celebration possible thanks to the involvement of these talented suppliers:

Venue: Lewes Castle Sussex Past Weddings
Floral Design: Hire Societies
Wedding Dresses: Bridal Indulgence
Hair and Makeup: Lucia Penman
Car transport: Brooklands Wedding Cars Sussex
Signage: High Oak & Co

Sussex Wedding Photographer in Lewes

As a Sussex wedding photographer, Lewes Castle is an absolute dream wedding venue. This was the first castle I saw when I moved to the UK, and it is truly perfect for a wedding and especially an elopement!  

Looking for a wedding photographer in Sussex, UK? I am a Brighton wedding photographer and less than 25 minutes away from Lewes Castle. I know the town well and love this Lewes wedding venue! Get in touch to reserve your date!

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