Confetti is usually tossed during the recessional whilst guests remain at their seats or organised right after the ceremony. But if you don’t want confetti in your hair for portraits or your ceremony location doesn’t permit confetti, you can also do different times, such as: before guests would be called inside for the wedding breakfast or the first dance, or when you arrive at the venue if your ceremony was elsewhere.

Some locations may have strict rules on confetti, so that might dictate where you do this in your timeline, if at all. These rules could limit when, where, and what you use.

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Variations to the confetti aisle

  • The Confetti Archway. This is ideal when there isn’t a large enough space for everyone to line up, you don’t have many guests, or you didn’t provide enough confetti. For this guests circle around the couple with the photographer at the open bit at the top. The great part is you’ll be able to see your loved ones faces in the background and get maximum confetti!
  • Whole Group Confetti Shot. If a great group photo is a must for you with lots of laughter and joy, this one involves your guests tossing confetti during the group photo. It’s a great way to make this photograph fun! And if you really didn’t want confetti in your hair for family photographs, it’s great to do this all group photograph after!
  • First Dance Confetti Shot. This is a beautiful way to give your first dance some pizzazz. And if you hate the idea of everyone staring at you two dancing, this will help lighten the moment and make the dance more entertaining for guests.

Which type of confetti is best?

As for the best types of confetti? The bigger the better, and the more the merrier. Larger pieces flutter beautifully, and are less likely to cause eye injury. They are also easier to pluck from your hair too so you won’t spend 20 minutes of your drinks reception sorting this out.

Bags and cones are unnecessary as confetti tosses better by hand – so please don’t bother! The bridal party can pass out confetti during the signing, while guests leave the ceremony, or while organising the tunnel.

Fresh Petal Confetti

To make it special and save costs, You can source this from gardens or from your florist using the pieces that didn’t make the cut!

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Dried Petal Confetti

To make it special, I had a bride and groom source from the many bouquets you receive over the year in celebration of your engagement, birthdays, and anniversary. Many of my couples also have access to gorgeous gardens and lots of flowers, so sourced these from parents and grandparents during their engagement. Your florist can also usually supply confetti.

Dried Leaves

Perfect if you’re getting married in the autumn. This is a fun variation to the confetti toss and definitely happy for the planet.

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Biodegradable Paper Confetti

Large paper confetti – combined with a cannon or two – is incredible. Beware though that paper confetti can stain when wet.

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Combined with a few bubble guns, this is can make for incredible and fun photographs. These are especially great if children are in attendance. Be careful not to create a slip hazard though and note that some brands can stain fabrics.

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Fake snow

Is the perfect choice for a winter wedding but can look like a bit like dandruff for the rest of the night and is a bit of a pain to get out of your hair


Perfect for winter weddings, or later in the evening for an outdoor first dance or wedding exit. Though note that lots of alcohol and fire don’t mix well and serious injury or damage can happen. So it might be best to do this with a small, trusted group of friends or family.

Something Unique

You can also get creative and do something that’s a bit more unique to you two as a couple. Smoke bombs, champagne spray, paper cut outs from old books, or a sword arch if you’re like my couple that does re-enactments on the weekend.

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