The Grove Hotel wedding venue in Watford is a beautiful place to get married. The outdoor ceremony space is absolutely stunning, and I am so happy these two delayed their ceremony due to rain so that they could have the wedding of their dreams.

I knew how important this was for them, so you can bet I was out there drying the seating to ensure the wedding ceremony could start as soon as we had a break in the rain. I’ll do anything for my couples!

The Grove Hotel Wedding in Watford

The Grove Hotel is a luxury wedding venue just north of London and provides the perfect space for large Greek weddings! This fusion wedding was a merge of so many cultures, with a Greek bride, British-Asian groom and guests from all over.

Big, spacious venues like The Grove Hotel are perfect for British weddings as the weather is impossible to predict. It absolutely poured right before their ceremony and sprinkled a few more times throughout the day. This can be stressful at smaller locations, but with so much space and sheltered spots to choose from, the impact of rain is barely noticeable.

About their wedding

As with many couples, Covid turned their world upside down. But with the postponement of this wedding, had its blessing. Postponing the wedding (but not life) meant their twin boys could be at the wedding! And it also meant all their friends and family could be present at their The Grove Hotel wedding.

I’m always incredibly thankful for permission to share a few photographs from weddings. Without sharing everything to respect privacy, here are a few of my favourite photographs.

The Grove Hotel Wedding Photographer flower girls in white with baby breath

The Grove Hotel Wedding

The Grove Hotel Wedding outdoor ceremony

The Grove Hotel Wedding outdoor ceremony with Hertfordshire Photographer

Bride with twin sons after ceremony

The Grove Hotel Wedding wedding breakfast decor reception

Greek wedding reception decor at The Grove in Watford

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

As a Hertfordshire wedding photographer, The Grove Hotel wedding venue is easily one of my favourite places for couples to tie the knot. This luxury Herfordshire hotel wedding venue, provides everything a couple could possibly want for their wedding day. And it was a honour to photograph here!

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