This Glyndebourne Opera House engagement was nothing short of perfection. As a Sussex Luxury Picnic Proposal Photographer, I love that Jonathan chose a time and place that is iconic for this very thing.

“Kelsie, thank you so so much – the gallery is absolutely beautiful and I’ve loved sharing it with my family and friends! It was a perfect and incredibly happy day and your photographs captured all the joy we were both feeling.We are just blown away by the photos and LOVE the reel on instagram (my dad cried watching it). Thank you so so much for capturing the moment so beautifully. THANK YOU for the most beautiful photos we could have asked for, and for making the event so perfect and special. “


They both had just one question. Caroline’s was echoed disbelief after saying yes of “How? How?! How?!!”

Jonathan had successfully convinced Caroline the proposal would happen on their upcoming holiday, but instead he was spending all his spare time coordinating a beautifully planned proposal at one of their favourite places.

The garden picnics at Glyndebourne Opera House are iconic, and so Jonathan wanted something extra special this year. To make that happen, I arrived early prior to the intermission to set up his picnic and ensure they had the perfect spot.

As feared, a large party had set up near where their table was set. Jonathan also wanted everything set out, so I got to work. I moved their table down to a lush spot with no one around, found them some different chairs and opened up the picnic basket and arranged everything on the table. Feeling it needed a bit more, I talked with the team at Glyndebourne and filled the picnic basket with some flowers growing near the carpark. The end result looked pretty amazing!

Check out this little reel I made of their proposal with a few BTS video I took of the incredible moment. Glyndebourne Opera House requested that no one be visible in the photographs, I had to get clever with heavy blurring to the video and removing individuals in post production.

Glyndebourne Luxury Picnic Proposal in Sussex

Jonathan might be one of the most thoughtful and kindest I’ve ever met. He is positively enamoured with Caroline and I can see why. She is so naturally radiant and the two of them just glow when they look at each other.

Cloud nine is an understatement!

Till the next epic “Yes”,

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