Family gathering photography is one of my favourite types of sessions. These family photo sessions feel like home to me. I come from a massive extended family that did huge reunions every year, and now that I live an ocean away, these sessions feel like home to me. The love, banter and connections formed between cousins, aunties and their nephews, grandparents and their youngest generation – it’s something that always brings a smile to my face.

This family was no exception and I felt like they adopted me right away into their crazy clan. We had such a fun afternoon running around and playing on the seafront in Hove.

Family gathering photography in Hove

From their hometown in New Jersey to Canada and England, their five girls spread their wings to different corners of the world. So this family gathering at The Beach House near Hove Lawns was extra special. Rented for the week, The Beach House was the perfect place for them to reunite and create new memories with all the grandchildren. One sister couldn’t make it, but she was there in spirit and cardboard!

Have a peek for yourself of this family gathering photography session in Brighton and Hove, and if you’re interested in booking one as well, get in touch for special pricing and to discuss your needs.

The Beach House venue at Hove Lawns for Family Reunion photography on seafront
Family photography at beach huts in Brighton in Hove
Hove beach family gathering photography by Brighton family Photographer
The Beach House rental home in Hove for family gathering phtography
Family gathering photography in game room at Beach House in Hove by Brighton family photographer

Family gathering photography is an amazing way to ensure you have lasting memories of the people that are truly special to you. You can get lovely, candid and natural photographs of Nanny with her little shadow, your brother raising anarchy with your children, and the special bond you have with your sister. Everyone can also pull the funds together to hire a photographer like this family did to take individual family unit portraits and a group multi-generation portrait.

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