As a Family Photographer in Worthing, I love a beach family photoshoot. And in this instance, it was a the perfect way to celebrate this family’s birthday girl!

This family was holidaying in Worthing and a friend bought a family photography voucher for their daughter’s birthday. Worthing is a place they come to every summer. So this was a beautiful way to document a place close to their hearts.

Worthing Beach Family Photography

I typically recommend mornings to avoid the crowds, but other times of day can be lovely too. I loved that this family wanted to capture the spirit of a typical day at the beach with their children – albeit dressed rather nicely!

This family loved the idea of having Worthing Pier off in the distance. With that in mind, we found a quiet-ish spot on the beach where we wouldn’t be in the way of all beach-goers.

We then what any sane person would do at the beach – played! The children loved digging in the wet sand. Mum was a bit nervous about ruining clothes, but I reminded her sand will just brush off.

Worthing beach family photoshoot in west sussex with Brighton Photographer
Brighton family photoshoot at worthing pier

Brighton family photoshoot at worthing pier
Brighton Beach family photographer
Brighton beach family photography in Worthing
Family photoshoot in west sussex

Worthing park with Brighton Family photographer

Family photographer in Sussex at park

Multi-generation family photographer in Sussex

beach family photoshoot with Brighton photographer

Family photographer in Worthing

As a family photographer with over 15 years experience, I know how to get genuine smiles and turn everything into a game. And most of all, how to get parents to relax and enjoy the chaos that is their children! Those little ones are the true creative directors.

Till next time,
Kelsie Scully Photography

Kelsie is a Brighton family photographer serving Worthing, Sussex and beyond. If you are interested in booking a family photoshoot for yourself or a loved one, get in touch to discuss!