This Eze proposal in the French Rivera was guaranteed to be epic. The South of France is one of the most incredible places in the world in my book, and the French Rivera is one of my favourite places to photograph proposals. You just can’t get more romantic with that old money charm. And don’t get me started on the mesmerizing village of Eze.

It was an absolute honour to help Brad plan this proposal and make this moment special for Hana! Hana and Brad definitely felt like they were on Cloud 9 – or at least in it!

Kelsie was, in a word, amazing. Except one word doesn’t cover it so I’ll add stupendous, phenomenal, and a bunch of other words that all mean the same thing. She was beyond communicative in the lead up to the proposal, even going so far as to help me plan the best spots at the location for the big moment. She captured the moment beautifully, and then afterwards, went above and beyond to help my fiancée and I feel like the photos we were taking really reflected us and the joy we were feeling. To top it all off, she turned around our photos with lightning speed and did such a great job with editing them as well. We would recommend Kelsie to anyone, she really did help make our proposal the best it possibly could be and captured these memories in a way we’ll treasure forever.


How They Met

Brad and Hana met during university thanks to his sister – something she’ll hold over his head for the rest of his life, I’m sure. I bet Brad thought he might be doing his sister a favour when he got his friends to be dates for her sorority sisters. At most, he probably thought he’d get a kiss off the pretty girl his sister had paired him with. But Hana was convinced he had mono and avoided that at all costs!

Thankfully they had a class together so Brad was able to arrange a study date – and the rest is now history. Leading to the moment Hana couldn’t stop smiling on the hilltops of Eze.

All Brad wants is to make Hana smile. He said this about her and it just made my heart melt: “My favorite thing is the way she makes herself laugh for seemingly no good reason at all times. She’ll say something that’s just completely absurd or entirely not funny to anyone else and then she’ll burst out laughing because she cracked herself up so bad, and it’s my favorite thing to see how happy she is in those moments.”

Brad and Hana’s holiday tour of the French Rivera

Brad and Hana are from the US and this was their first time in France. So you can imagine Brad’s excitement when he stumbled across a fellow American living in Europe who just so happened to be professional proposal photographer, and an expert at that. He got in touch right away to see if I could be there for the proposal!

And of course I said yes. It’s really easy to travel to the area and a place I am always happy to return to. I’ve also got a few friends in the area so it’s always nice to catch up with them!

But back to Brad and Hana.

Brad was about to start a new job and they were able to do a little tour of French Riviera before he began his new job. And being one of the most romantic places on Earth, he knew he had to ask on their trip. So after chatting with him about Hana and things they love to do, we quickly decided Eze’s Botanical Garden was the perfect place to propose.

I did a little (okay a lot) of recon work to decide on the spot that would afford them the most privacy and the best views – and my goodness we found it! Le Jardin Exotique d’Eze proposal is honestly something else. And so after the proposal we quickly ran around the gardens taking a few photographs before the gardens closed.

Brad and Hana’s Eze Proposal

So let’s dive into the enchanting story of Brad and Hana, an American couple, whose love story took an unforgettable turn amidst the medieval charm and panoramic views of Eze’s Botanical Garden.

The plan was for Brad to book dinner at Château Eza, a luxurious 5 star hotel and restaurant. And with that in mind, he saved me in his phone as the restaurant. As Brad and Hana aren’t too private about their phones, I had to communicate with restaurant lingo in mind! Which gave us both a bit of a laugh – and Hana later on!

With that in mind, Brad stuck to his plan for the day despite the weather becoming really humid and foggy! Thankfully the fog cleared just a bit in time for the proposal!

But the humidity made even my camera sweat! I’ve never known humidity like that so I promised Hana and Brad I could tone down how much of a sweaty mess they both were. But even surprised myself with a bit of editing magic. I’m so proud it’s tempting to share some before and afters, but I also promised I’d take those RAW image files to my grave!

The Beauty of an Eze Proposal in The French Rivera

Nestled high above the Mediterranean, the picturesque village of Eze is renowned for its medieval beauty and breathtaking vistas. It was the perfect choice for Brad and Hana’s proposal, as they sought to create a memory that would last a lifetime.

These two have a shared passion for botanical gardens, so Le Jardin Exotique d’Eze felt like the perfect choice. For them, these gardens hold a special place in their relationship. Hence, it was only fitting for Brad to orchestrate his proposal at the Eze Botanical Garden.

Perched atop the village’s highest peak, Eze’s Botanical Garden offers a stunning panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. Brad selected a spectacular location for his proposal after going over the options, and it could not have been more perfect.

Have a look yourself and see the beauty of this Eze proposal in the French Rivera!

Eze Botanical Garden in French Rivera

Eze proposal in the French Rivera

Eze proposal in the French Rivera

Eze proposal in the French Rivera

Eze proposal in the French Rivera at Botanical Garden

Eze engagement photography in the French Rivera

Eze proposal in the French Rivera

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