This engagement shoot at Seven Sisters cliffs was epic! The sunset was perfect and both Aryn and Matt looked incredible. 

Matt contacted me for Seven Sisters engagement photographs as a lovely holiday surprise for his fiancée. Aryn had talked about wanting an engagement shoot while visiting the UK and really wanted to see the gorgeous views of the Seven Sisters. 

It’s clear that Matt is the kind of man who likes to make her dreams come true!

Seven Sisters Engagement Photographs

With their wedding day a little over a year away, Matt and Aryn wanted something very different for their engagement session than the landscape they could find in Arkansas. 

These white cliffs on the south coast make for such a beautiful engagement location in East Sussex. So Matt came to me for help on choosing the perfect spot and for help navigating the area. 

The Cuckmere River always makes this area a little challenging as people love the iconic views you get from the cottages, but also want to climb onto the cliffs as well. After talking over the logistics, we decided to stick to the side of the river with the coastal cottages. I knew of a lesser known car park and secluded space on the beach with great views, and it turned out to be a great choice!

These two were up for anything and braved some very slippery rocks for gorgeous images. I give extra props to Aryn for doing so in heels and all the while shivering till her lips and skin turned blue (something I had to sort for her with some editing magic)!

Engagement photography at Seven Sisters white cliffs
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Engagement shoot at Seven Sisters Cliffs
Seven Sisters Cliffs engagement photography
Eastbourne engagement shoot surprise proposal at Seven Sisters
Engagement photography at Seven Sisters
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Engagement shoot at Seven Sisters Cottages

Proposal at Seven Sisters

To be engaged at Seven Sisters cliffs is something truly special. For those looking to propose at Seven sisters, I know the perfect spots. A Beachy Head proposal with Belle Tout Lighthouse in the distance is a popular choice, but there are also beautiful and secluded spots at Seven Sisters to propose.

As a wedding photographer in East Sussex, I absolutely love to provide engagement proposal photography.