This engagement proposal at Leonardslee Gardens in Horsham was incredibly special. As a wedding photographer, I truly believe proposals are a massive milestone in our lives. I do everything I can to help make these moments extra incredible. 

So in this case I coordinated with the team at Leonardslee Gardens to secure private access for the engagement proposal. In exchange for photography use, we got garden access at sunset. Danny was over the moon when Leonardslee Gardens said yes to the plan. And even more so when his girlfriend said the same!

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Leonardslee Gardens engagement proposal photography

Photographing this Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens proposal was a beautiful end to 2020. This year, like for so many, has been tough for Danny and Imogen. And what better way to ring in the New Year, than to do so with an actual ring! 

Danny and Imogen are a very special couple and their engagement marked that they are truly partners in life.

Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens is a wedding venue in Horsham. Click here to see photographs inside the Interlude Restaurant.

How they met and how he proposed at Leonardslee Gardens in Horsham

Danny can remember exactly what Imogen was wearing the night they met. And the ring she spotted and thought was beautiful from over a year ago. He is thoughtful and kind, and after getting two kittens for Imogen a previous Christmas, Danny knew he needed to top this year.

Danny booked tickets to Leonardslee Gardens for New Years Eve. With growing fears of increased restrictions, we quickly changed plans to a proposal just before Christmas. 

Danny and I had several conversations about his plan for the proposal. It was decided he wanted to propose by the swans and one of her favourite flowers that were part of the Illuminated Event. It was then my job to find where I should hide until the moment was right.

When Imogen and Danny arrived at Leonardslee Gardens, they took a little walk around the gardens before arriving at the designated spot. The moment Danny took the umbrella, Imogen went into shock. The tears of joy were undeniable.

When Danny and Imogen were ready, he waved me over for some Leonardslee Gardens engagement photography. We even did some engagement photographs during the Illuminated event.

Engagement proposal walking under umbrella at Leonardslee Lake and Gardens
Engagement proposal at Leonardslee Gardens with Horsham wedding photographer
Surprise engagement proposal at Leonardslee Gardens
Engagement proposal at Leonardslee Gardens in Horsham
Illuminated event at Leonardslee Gardens giant moon engagement proposal in Horsham
Engagement proposal photography in Horsham at Leonardslee Gardens
Illuminated event at Leonardslee Gardens engagement photography

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