This engagement proposal at Brighton Bandstand was a brilliant display of love at its finest. Proposals are a huge milestone for couples, and as a wedding photographer, I believe documenting them is a massive honour. 

So I do everything to ensure my engagement proposal clients have a truly epic proposal. As with Joshua, many of the people who approach me to document a proposal aren’t sure exactly where they want to ask the big question. So Joshua and I brainstormed possible options – and if helpful to you, many of the best locations to propose in Brighton can be found here

Joshua decided the Brighton Bandstand was the perfect place to propose after much thought and logistic planning. This is a popular location in the centre of Brighton, so proposing on a beautiful warm day without huge crowds is virtually impossible. I knew I had to get there early. By doing so, I was able to set the scene for an incredibly private and romantic moment.

Brighton Bandstand engagement proposal photography

To ensure my couple had complete privacy, I kindly explained the situation to everyone on the Bandstand. I asked if everyone was okay leaving the Brighton Bandstand for a couple minutes when they saw the couple nearing. Thankfully everyone eagerly obliged.

If you are looking to propose at the Brighton Bandstand, I really encourage you to have a friend or proposal photographer such as myself ahead of you to request some privacy. You can also rent the Brighton Bandstand to ensure no other events are happening at the time you plan to propose.

Want photography of your proposal at Brighton Bandstand? Information about my engagement proposal photography services are found here. 

How they met and how he proposed at Brighton Bandstand

Joshua and Shuana met through friends and with their support arranged a date. Joshua was so over the moon that Shuana said yes, he stood her up on their first date. Yep, social anxiety can really mess up our chances at love.

But thankfully, love is pretty powerful and transformative. And if any two demonstrate that, it would be Joshua and Shauna.⁠

You would never guess these two had social anxiety looking at their engagement and proposal pictures on Brighton seafront. They were so at ease in each other’s company and were a million miles away from the hustle and bustle around them. Once caring what everyone thought, now only madly and deeply in love.⁠

This is probably the best proof to see that getting engaged is a magical feeling. Shauna knew he was going to propose (he told her he was going to on their anniversary),  but she didn’t know how he would do it. She was overjoyed with tears of happiness. The ring was exactly what she wanted, “but better” – which made me laugh when she told me because Joshua had said those exact words when describing the ring over the phone.

You can see how their engagement proposal at Brighton Bandstand unfolded in the images below! And you’ll see why I’m so proud of these images – they are a true reflection of this couple. They trusted me and let their guard down, and when that is when magic happens.

proposal at Brighton Bandstand along seafront with photographer
Engagement photography proposal at Brighton Bandstand
Engagement proposal at Brighton Bandstand with Brighton wedding photographer
Brighton Bandstand engagement proposal photography
Brighton Pier proposal engagement photography
Brighton seafront proposal engagement photography
Brighton seafront engagement photography

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You will have my help every step of the way to ensure your proposal is epic. For this proposal, I helped the couple secure exclusive access. 

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