As a Photographer in Eastbourne, I’m regularly photographing around Beachy Head and Seven Sisters, but one of the best kept secrets is Holywell! 

I adore Holywell and was so happy when Emily and Mark asked me for engagement photo ideas, as I knew just the location in Eastbourne. Emily and Marks also decided to make a special day of the engagement photography shoot with a plan to spend the evening in Eastbourne.

“The engagement shoot was so fabulous as it really made us feel at ease in front of the camera. Thank you so much again for everything you have done, we are so thrilled with the photographs!” – Emily

Morning of, everything was looking perfect and it was a hot summer day! But as we both approached the city, heavy fog surrounded us! We debated rescheduling but decided to go for it and see what we could achieve – and I’m so glad we did! This is one of my favourite engagement shoots to date! 

You can’t tell from the engagement photos how foggy it was, but I’ll embed the Instagram video I took to show what we were working with.

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I’m not saying I am a magician, but that’s because I try to be humble. 🪄

I was pretty convinced we’d have to reschedule as it was so thick in areas. It wasn’t till I hit the last hill but we had a  little pocket the fog hadn’t completely consumed. But it was rolling in fast.

Clearly a tiny bit of luck was on our side!

I ran from my car to the locations I wanted to use to see what I had to work with and sighed a bit of relief. The fog was manageable – for now!

So in the race against the fog and chill in the air, I have to say I’m so grateful for Emily and Mark. They trusted me to still create a bit of magic and we had good fun on what was a beautiful day (everywhere else).

Though to be fair, Holywell and Helen Gardens is such a beautiful backdrop that half the work was done for me. The cliff lookout in particular takes my breath away. A photographer in Eastbourne is truly spoilt!

About Emily and Mark

Mark made some of his best and possibly worst decisions the night of the work Christmas Party.

Emily was obviously the best!

Both are accounting geniuses and spent their lockdown planning a wedding and doing up their garden like 99.9% of the UK population.

These two are simply perfect together. They fill each other with so much joy and are a true team. They both had me laughing so hard at their engagement session. And I have to hand it to Emily – she is brave! Both Mark and I were very nervous about them standing on the peak at Holywell. But Emily climbed right up in her heels and ushered Mark to join her!

Sussex Wedding Photographer in Eastbourne

As a wedding photographer in East Sussex, I offer engagement sessions as part of my packages. There are so many advantages to having engagement photos done, such as for Save the Dates. One of the biggest advantages in the lead up to the wedding day is to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Mark and Emily’s wedding photos at Brickwall House were absolutely gorgeous as a result of their session. And a huge benefit was that we were able to take the photographs really quickly on their big day. We all knew exactly what they wanted. 

Till next time,


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