Ditchling Beacon engagement photography – does it get much better than this?! I might be a little biased, but this place is one of my favourites. When my now-husband and I were in a long distance relationship all those years ago, he took me to Ditchling Beacon and it was here that I feel in love with the South Downs.

So you can bet I did a little happy dance when these two said they wanted to do their engagement photography at Ditchling Beacon. We only had to walk a couple feet from the car park to get these gorgeous South Downs views.

Ditchling Beacon engagement photography

Heather and Chris are partners, in the truest sense of the word. They have followed each other across the ocean and have made incredible sacrifices for each other. Currently living and loving in Texas, they are planning their 2020 wedding back home in the UK at Brookfield Barn.

We caught up over the summer to take some lovely engagement pictures. Keep scrolling to see some of my favourites from their Ditchling Beacon engagement photography session.

Ditchling Beacon Engagement Photography on South Downs near city of Brighton
Ditchling Beacon engagement photography session on South Downs near Brighton

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