This Devil’s Dyke proposal was filled with such beautiful emotions, and like what happens with many of my proposals, she cried even harder when it was revealed I was hired to document the moment.

Rosilda was so wrapped up in the moment that she had no clue I was there for well over 40 minutes after the proposal. They had a beautiful time just talking and soaking up the moment. When Marsel then unveiled me as a second surprise, you could tell she couldn’t believe she had such a kind and thoughtful fiance! 

Devil’s Dyke Engagement Photography

Some of my proposal photography clients have been together for years and some for just a few months. Marsel and Rosilda are the latter camp, but as the saying goes: when you know, you know.

When you find someone who feels like home, you’ve found your forever.

It is something some can sense almost instantly, and that was so clear watching Marsel and Rosilda celebrate their love.

They have a kind of love that transcends time.

He is her home. And she is his.

There was, and is, no question about that.

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I managed to take a little video in the lead up to this proposal. Have a look to see Rosilda’s reaction.

Devil’s Dyke Proposal Photography

Devil’s Dyke is one of the best places to propose in Brighton. It is just outside the city and offers a secluded spot to watch the sunset and have a romantic picnic. Honestly, what could be more romantic than that? 

It’s a popular tourist attraction and one of Brighton’s most beloved beauty spots, but I know the best locations to get away from any crowds.

While the “dyke” at Devil’s Dyke is really beautiful, my favourite spot is just on the hillside nearby the car park. From this location you are treated to incredible views. It’s also possible to walk here from Brighton if you’re a couple who love hiking and country walks.

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