Devil’s Dyke engagement proposal photography has never been so fun! As someone who has photographed several engagement proposals at Devil’s Dyke, I feel like I can say that as fact. But if you don’t believe me, see these photographs for yourself!

Devil’s Dyke Proposal in Brighton

Devil’s Dyke is one of the best places to propose in Brighton. Typically the skies clear even when heavy rain is predicted. However on this rainy autumn day, we knew there wasn’t a chance! 

But these two are crazy.

The unreserved, hearts wide open, proposing in the rain kind of crazy.

The good kind of crazy.

I tried to talk Joshua out of it and to pick a different day or even location, but he was adamant he wanted to go ahead! And I should have trusted him. Everything was perfect for them and the rain made for such a romantic, crazy proposal.

Proposals in the rain are quickly becoming my favorite. If you’ve got a special date in mind and worry about the weather, this engagement proposal at Nymans Gardens also shows how romantic a rainy proposal can be. Just hire a musician and dance in the rain! Literally tops most girl’s fantasies. 

Engagement at Devils Dyke Surprise Proposal

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Devils Dyke Pub on the South Downs

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Devil’s Dyke is a few minutes outside Brighton and offers a secluded spot to watch the sunset, have a romantic picnic, or in this case – dance in the rain! 

This is honestly one of the best places to propose in Brighton. Despite it being a fairly popular among the locals and a tourist attraction, it’s really easy to get away from everyone else when you know the area. 

My favourite spot is actually just a short walk from the carpark!

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