Love is blind. Sometimes you just can’t see what’s right in front of you. Afraid to loose your best friend and cross that line – so you go your separate ways for fear of ruining what you have. For Mercedes and Jamin, that separation was miles, and even oceans apart.

But through it all and over the years, they remained best friends. So when the moment was right, Jamin was there to catch Mercedes and sweep her of her feet when she returned home after living abroad. He’d lost her once, and it was pretty clear wasn’t going to have that happen again. They’d known each other for most of their lives, so it wasn’t long till I got a Snapchat from Jamin of the rings Mercedes had been fawning over. From there, everything was set in motion for Jamin to propose to Mercedes on their trip to Europe.

Surprise Proposal Photography in Cannes

Planning a surprise proposal behind your best friend’s back isn’t easy. I stayed out of the planning as best I could and left it up to Jamin. And man, did he not disappoint!

Mercedes had talked about taking some photos while we were in Cannes – getting all dressed up and looking as glamorous as our surroundings. So Jamin, my husband Rich and Mercedes’ friend Riles all decided that would be the best facade for her proposal.

Once we took a few pictures around the city – with Riles becoming the real pro in a matter of seconds and taking charge – we stopped for some wine. After downing a bottle or two, Jamin asked Mercedes to take a walk with him. Riles, Rich and I said we wanted to go to a café and would meet up with them later. Little did Mercedes know, we’d be following behind taking photographs of what was to be the highlight of her trip.

Donned in a bright red dress, heels and carrying two small lenses, love proved to be blind for Mercedes yet again (and that I’m basically a ninja), when I climbed over a railing and down some rocks to photograph her surprise proposal on a beach in Cannes.

As they were dancing on the beach to the likes of La Vie En Rose, Jamin got down on one knee and asked Mercedes to be his wife. Have a look at the photos to see her response!

Cannes French Riviera Proposal Photographer-2Cannes Old Town French Riviera Suprise Proposal Photography-2Cannes Romantic Beach Suprise Proposal PhotographyFrench Riviera Suprise Proposal in Cannes Engagement PhotographerFrench Riviera Cannes Suprise Proposal Engagement PhotographerCannes Emotional Suprise Proposal Engagement Photography Surprise Proposal in French Riviera Cannes Engagement Photographer

Jamin, thank you for making my friend so happy and inviting me to document this moment for you two. You are perfect for her in every way.


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