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Buxted Park Hotel wedding photos are something I could spend all day creating. This stunning country house has gorgeous grounds – which makes for an incredible backdrop for your wedding photography in East Sussex.

As a recommended supplier at Buxted Park Hotel, you can expect the same level of exceptional service from me as you do from the wedding venue. You can also expect photographs that capture everything you love about Buxted Park Hotel and memories of how you envision your day. 


“You were an absolute dream to work with for our wedding!! You are so, so talented and managed to capture all our most personal, precious moments. Our photos are simply wonderful and we’ll treasure them forever.You gave us the fun, relaxed and natural photography we were after. We owe you so much”

– Rebecca + Mike

Buxted Park Hotel Recommended Wedding Photographer

With over a decade of wedding photography experience, I will take what is going to be your favourite picture of you and your partner, mum and best friend. I know light and the way it reflects onto your face and the space around you – cultivating the rays so every feature on your face glows.  I know how to photograph each individual’s best angles, ensuring you can enjoy your day oblivious to me angling myself for the best position. I keep things natural – even during portraits – and focus on creating laughter and joy between loved ones to ensure every moment of your wedding day is incredible. I’m a fun and cheerful person, and I have always been able to crack even the most anti-photo usher into the biggest laugh. My years of experience not only enabled me to elicit, predict and capture spontaneous emotions you’ll treasure forever but I also know the technical aspects of beautiful portraits having been an associate for a prominent photographer in my teenage years.

So if your sister doesn’t know what to do with her hands, your mother-in-law is worried about a double chin or you’re not sure if your hair looks okay or if you’re holding the bouquet right, I can demonstrate quick modifications and direction to ensure everyone can get back to cocktail hour and mingling with friends.

You deserve it all, and my goal is to deliver on that promise. 

You’ve stumbled across this page dedicated to Buxted Park Hotel wedding photography, because that’s exactly what you want to see to help you envision your own wedding day at this gorgeous country house. On this page you will find a selection of Buxted Park Hotel wedding photos that were captured at Rebecca and Mike’s wedding in 2019. 

If want a wedding photographer who is dedicated to photographing you and your loved ones on your wedding day, you can either reach me by phone at 07860275519 or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Buxted Park Hotel wedding photos: Couple portraits

Wondering where the best spots are for your couple portraits? Buxted Park Hotel’s grounds are gorgeous, and there are so many places to sneak away from your guests for a bit of privacy. Rebecca and Mike did a quick loop of the grounds before the first dance, and they got a lot of variety in under 20 minutes.

Best Buxted Park Hotel preferred and recommended wedding photographer Buxted Park Hotel wedding photography couple portraits

Buxted Park Hotel wedding photos: The grounds and venue

Buxted Park Hotel is the perfect wedding venue with beautiful gardens and surrounding woods nearby. Here are a few of my favourite photographs of the venue.
Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Photography | Uckfield photographer
Buxted Park Hotel wedding photography of venue entrance

Buxted Park Hotel wedding photos: The reception room

Rebecca and Mike opted to have their reception in the romantic period room and furnished it with beautiful white draping. The draping really transformed the space and made for the perfect blank canvas to incorporate the beautiful blue Rebecca and Mike had chosen as their primary wedding colour.

My favourite detail was the use of Polaroid photos for the name cards. How brilliant is that? As well as baked cookies in the shape of The Spurs, these Polaroid cookies made for a great wedding favour.
Buxted Park Wedding Breakfast Decorations for ballroom | Uckfield photography
Buxted Park Hotel wedding venue reception decor | Uckfield Photography-
Buxted Park Hotel wedding photography of Ballroom

Buxted Park Hotel wedding photos: see more

If you want to see a full Buxted Park Hotel wedding photo gallery of over 900 images, click here.

You can see the highlights from Rebecca and Mike’s Buxted Park Hotel wedding photos on the website by clicking here.


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