Almost a year and half ago, my best friend Sadie told me she was moving to Italy. Most people would be upset to have someone they love move away, but I was absolutely over the moon by the news because that meant we would be in Europe together.

Ever since that conversation, we have been dreaming about all the travelling we would do and everything we would experience together. So when I finally got my visa in the snail-mail and booked my ticket to England, we did a happy dance and started looking at flights to Paris.

Though we dreamed of sipping champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower, or drifting along the river pass the Louvre during a fancy dinner on a boat, our reality was a little bit different.


We lost a day in Paris because of train strikes. Instead of a thirty-minute journey, we had to take to the roads and weave through swarms of traffic. It was terrifying. Because we did not get to explore on Thursday, we hit Paris hard and did the best micro-sightseeing job we could on Friday. When Saturday morning rolled around and we were thinking of where to go, and my husband mentioned Disneyland.  We just went for it.

So here is a little peak into our trip. First up is Notre Dame. We did not see Quasimodo, but the gypsies were out in full force.  Unfortunately, they were less fun than Esmeralda.

notre dome paris inside sun flare west sussex photographer

inside notre dome paris west sussex photographer

The Louvre museum paris mona lisa brighton west sussex photographer

love lock bridge Pont de l'Archeveche paris

eiffel tower sunset view from top west sussex brighton photographer

top of eiffel tower sunset view west sussex brighton photographer

kissing couple at the eiffel tower paris west sussex brighton photographer

disneyland paris west sussex brighton photographer