Brand Photography Contest

Deadline to enter is 31 August 2018

Ready to take a chance and push things to the next level?

You’re a vibrant and fun brand that wants to connect with your audience with authentic images. As co-founder of Luku Creative, a creative agency based in Brighton, I’m a photographer that will help you project out into this fast-paced world everything that makes you and your business so great. I’m a visual storyteller – and coupled with my word wizardry and brand strategy expertise – I bring a toolkit of knowledge that will make your imagery strike all the right cords and truly resonate.

I’ll collaborate with you to understand your brand, message, and dream clients. We’ll explore what kind of photographs you’re going to need so that you have the right images to engage with your audience. That way we really drive forward your marketing plans and business goals.

Why am I running this contest?

This is the year. It’s my year and I hope it’s your year too and that the hustle gets just a little bit easier every day. As for me, I’m going to stop dancing around the fringes of what I love and dive in deep, starting with you. You see, I hail from across the pond and am here on a spouse visa. That’s meant ambitions had to be put on hold while I got all kinds of ducks in a row. The time finally feels right to incorporate my love of photography, brands and marketing into my everyday life. I’m itching to dive in, and I hope you are too. This is my year and I hope yours will be even better and brighter.

Entry information

There will be a maximum of 10 winners. Winners may be approached on a rolling basis to verify interest and availability to give others the opportunity to win, but the deadline to enter is firm. The last three winners will be approached by 5 September to give last minute entries a fair chance of winning, because early birds are awesome but fair is always nice.

What you get:

– Up to a 90 minute photography session
– Up to 45 minutes for a consultation to discuss your goals for the session
– 10 digital images to download and use as you wish*
– Session at a location within 15 miles of BN41*
– Online gallery to view, share, and download from for 1 month.

What I’m looking for:

– Willingness to credit me and will not edit photos in any way. Basically, you should dig my aesthetic.
– Willingness to provide a testimonial that accurately reflects your feelings about the session and resulting images. In short, I don’t want BS just because it was a free shoot. I’m also pretty cocky that you’ll love your photos and won’t need to fake your feelings. 😉
– Must be able to commit to a date and time, any last minute changes or difficulty in scheduling will result in a forfeit and others will be selected. Images must be taken before end of September 2018*
– Must sign model release for me to use images in any manner and means and be willing to sign a contract. Both are simple and straight forward, but they set up expectations to ensure you’re happy with end results.
– Brownie points: if you’re somewhat active on social/have a decent following of 500+ AND/OR can give me some ‘pinch-me that’s a pretty cool shoot vibes’, I will be more tempted to shift you to the top of the pile. If you are excited about what you do, I will probably be too because I crave variety and have a general love for people. So don’t give into any kind of self-doubt and do yourself justice with a solid entry. As I always say, the worst that can happen is that nothing happens and at least you tried. Be a go-getter.

*What about the other pictures I take, you ask? Additional images can be bought at £3.00 per image or package deals are also available.
*Note, you are required to pay all fees associated with your shoot location. If you are outside the ‘travel free zone’, there will be a nominal fee to cover travel expenses, with a maximum radius of 30 miles.
*Exceptions may be granted but they are at Kelsie Scully Photography’s discretion. And full discretion, I am expecting a baby start of October, so this will need to be taken into account.

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