A Beachy Head Lighthouse proposal is beautiful. Come rain or shine, this view never disappoints. As a surprise proposal photographer, I always give my clients the flexibility to change timings or the date due to the weather, but some want to forge ahead and hope for the best!

And so far, it’s always worked out. Even when we’ve had a downpour of rain during a proposal, it’s been nothing short of magic.

For B, it had to be the day! These two run a thriving start-up business together, and days off are rare. And him making plans are even rarer!

So we went ahead with our plan and I am so glad we did as the weather was perfect.

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A Stormy Beachy Head Lighthouse Proposal

To say S was on to B’s plan, is probably an understatement. B NEVER makes plans, nor takes a day off work with their thriving startup. So the fact he was being secretive and making her take a day off had her proposal radar on full alert.

And when B spotted me at Beachy Head Lighthouse – he waved! Thankfully he’s not the first of my clients to have done so (nerves make us do silly things!), so I quickly manoeuvred in such a way that S had no idea it was me he was waving at. It was funny afterwards hearing S’s theories and her shock at how stealthy I’d been! She never saw me till B pointed me out!

But that wave he did in the beginning did mean she knew something was afoot.

But here’s the thing. So often my clients’ think when the partner is suspicious the moment will be ruined. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. That build of excitement – that anticipation – is an incredible high. You get a little bit of a skip in your step and can’t stop smiling. And then when the proposal does happen? All those pent of emotions coming pouring out!

All this to say: if you’re worried about your partner being suspicious. Don’t be! Heck, be playful about it and make a whole day or weekend about celebrating them and your love.

If you pounce a proposal they aren’t expecting to happen then and there, shock and out of body experiences are the usual reactions. Often then followed by tears when the reality sets in that the proposal did in fact just happen.

As a secret photographer, I can hand on heart say both reactions are lovely and special. But I’m personally all for making the proposal a whole day or weekend event!

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