Celebrating your original wedding date isn’t for everyone, but when you’re on lockdown, I can’t think of a better way to take a break from the monotony of staying home day in and day out than to make this day special.

While your wedding is postponed, you can’t cancel love. This day was supposed to be a celebration of your love, so here are 7 ideas to help you do just that on your original wedding date.

  1. Let music set the mood

Music is powerful. Create a playlist of all the songs you had planned for your wedding and have it playing throughout your day. You could even throw yourselves a little dance party and practice your first dance. If you don’t have a playlist on hand, check out this youtube playlist I created with over 80 songs. 

  1. Exchange a little gift

Gifts are a wonderful way to express love and appreciation for one another. It can be as simple as your partner’s favourite candy, flowers similar to those planned for the wedding, or a fun two-person board game to help you survive the rest of lockdown.

  1. Write love letters

Either exchange and read your letters of love right away or save them to read on the morning of your new wedding date. Later, you can frame these love letters to keep in your bedroom. 

  1. Get yourself some food for the soul

Recreate your wedding breakfast in the kitchen or order takeout from your favourite restaurant. You could also bake a cake, make cupcakes, buy a pre-made one from the shop, or reach out to your cake designer and order a mini-version of your official wedding cake. 

  1. Get married – unofficially

Handfasting ceremonies, which are now fairly common during wedding ceremonies, were originally about marking your intent to get married. This type of ceremony is a great way to reaffirm your love and commitment to wed. And the best part is: you can do your commitment ceremony however you want because there are no legalities involved. You can keep it lighthearted and fun, share your own vows you wrote that day, invite your guest list or keep it private. 

As for who officiates it you have a couple options. If you’re having a religious wedding, you could ask for a blessing on the day. There are celebrants advertising commitment ceremonies via Zoom, or you could ask a close friend to play celebrant. 

  1. Celebrate with a virtual party

Host a cocktail hour with your nearest and dearest where everyone dresses up and can toast the happy couple. You could even turn it into a wedding theme game night by playing Mr and Mrs – where guests take a shot if you or your partner gets a question wrong – or play the Shoe Game.

  1. Invent a signature cocktail

What better way to spend the rest of the evening than boozing it up and experimenting with cocktails? Disasters and hilarious moments are guaranteed, but if you’re particularly lucky, you could end up with a signature drink to enjoy over all the years and anniversaries to come. Here’s a great blog post to help you get started.