Memories may fade and their tiny hands might not wrap around your finger any more, but these moments – the ones you can hang on the walls and feel in your hands – those ones will last forever. 

In an environment that feels natural and carefree, let me help you create photographs that will serve as timeless memories. With the right prompts, I will get your family interacting, playing, laughing and smiling as if there isn’t a care in the world. I’ll capture your family just way they are in the here and now, so that you’ll have something to truly hold on to and cherish for generations to come. 

Kelsie you are soo bloody talented! How the hell did you manage to get these out of that dusky, dark room that we were in?! Lily was wriggling and being a right old pain. You’re literally a miracle worker!! Thank you sooooo much!!! xxxxx

-Daniel Aldous-Critchley

These portrait sessions encompass a variety of different types of photography – everything from birth and newborn photography, to family photography and pet portraits.

For more information, please head on over to the newborn and family photography pricing page and then make sure you drop me a line to book in your photography session.