When it comes to planning your wedding, make it utterly and completely yours. Don’t worry about traditions or the latest trends if they don’t fit with who you are as a couple.

This wedding planning resource page is here to help you do just that. I want you to own your day and to help take away any and all of the stress that can come with planning a shindig of wedding proportions.  Because as a wedding photographer, I’ve got one simple philosophy, a happy couple makes for happy pictures and happy memories.

I started this page by writing down all the lessons I’ve learned from attending hundred of people’s weddings and being in the industry. I hope you find these resources useful and that your wedding is all you ever hoped for and more.

What to wear for your engagement photography session

Engagement photography is one of my favourite sessions to photograph. So much so, I heavily discount them in my wedding collections and even wrote a blog post highlighting the reasons why an engagement session matters and why you should have one. For many couples, an...

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Why having an engagement photography session matters

Engagement photography is a must from where I'm from, so when I immigrated to the UK from my Midwest American hometown in 2014, I was a bit surprised to discover they weren't a given here. In the UK, there is somewhat of a cultural element that we need a good excuse...

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What should you do if it rains on your wedding day?

I once overheard someone say the bride: "Look! God's confetti." Everyone smiled, and everything was as right as rain. And that my friend, is what you should do on your wedding day if it rains: embrace it. Dance it, laugh in it, and love in it. If it rains on your day...

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Best wedding venues in West Sussex

What are the top wedding venues in West Sussex? Seeing as how I recently published a blog post with the top 15 wedding venues in Brighton and Hove, I thought I'd write up another list of the best venues that are a bit further afield - and to start, I went west (Like...

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Pinterest wedding day inspiration boards to follow

Pinterest is the go-to when brainstorming ideas and creating a vision for your wedding day. I'm a firm believer that most ideas are never completely original and is usually sparked by seeing something. Pinterest is that idea-generator and a great place to pull...

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Best places for engagement photography in Brighton

Where to do your engagement photography in Brighton? That's a question I get asked a lot as a Brighton engagement photographer - especially as some of my wedding collections include an engagement session. Thankfully we are spoilt for choice in Brighton and the...

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What to pack in your bride wedding day emergency kit

Bride wedding day emergency kits are the lifesavers you might just overlook in the lead up to your wedding day. It's cliche but what could go wrong on your wedding day? They are famous last words - don't let them define yours by packing a little lifesaving wedding...

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The best barn wedding venues in West Sussex

From a Brookfield Barn wedding in Horsham to Southend Barns on the outskirts of Chichester, here are the best barn wedding venues in West Sussex. As you are just beginning your journey into planning your big day, I want to pass along to you my best advice for an...

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Brookfield Barn wedding photos | Horsham Photographer

Brookfield Barn wedding photos are a great source of inspiration for your wedding day. Here are some Brookfield Barn wedding photos from Emily and Phil's wedding that really show of the space and hopefully provide you with some inspiration! You can see their full...

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Best places to propose in Brighton

Where to propose in Brighton? That's the question - well not the question, but definitely one that is at the forefront of your mind. The time has come and you're on the hunt for the perfect places to propose in Brighton. You know they'll say yes: you've been talking...

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Best wedding venues in Lewes

The best wedding venues are in Lewes. You're honestly pretty spoilt for choice if you are looking to get married here. If you can't tell already, I love Lewes. When I first visited my husband's family before moving over here from the US, Lewes was the first place we...

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Best barn wedding venues in Horsham

Looking for a barn wedding venue in Horsham? I've collated a list of the best barn wedding venues within 30 minutes of Horsham's town centre. There is something magical about a barn wedding. The old beams, tall ceilings, and surrounding countryside always make for the...

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Best wedding venues in East Sussex

Looking for the best wedding venues in East Sussex? I've got a list of the top 15 wedding venue locations for you right here. But here's a bit of advice. At the end of the day, there is no such thing as the best wedding venue. Finding the top wedding venue for your...

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Best wedding venues in Brighton and Hove

Finding the best wedding venue in Brighton and Hove - or anywhere for that matter - is probably the most time consuming and potentially stressful part of wedding planning. It sets the whole atmosphere and vibe for the day, and sometimes it's hard to know what exactly...

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Your guide to an effortless and fabulous wedding

This guide is full of top tips for great photographs and happy memories from over a decade of photographing weddings. But a quick disclaimer and my first top top: this is a guide, not a manual. If anything doesn't vibe with you, don't do it. Listen to yourself and...

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