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I live just north of Brighton in the little village of Hassocks, West Sussex but I go much further afoot when possible. I always yearn for the opportunity to hit the roads and take to the sky for destinations near and far. Thanks to my little blue passport and my UK visa, I am able to create beautiful photographs for clients in so many beautiful locations around the world.


I am a Brighton photographer living on just the outskirts of the city in West Sussex, but I  grew up in Midwest, suburban America. I moved to England in the autumn of 2014, and let’s just say the story of how I got from there to here began when I worked at youth summer camp and met a handsome Brit. The rest of the story can be chalked up to the fact that life moves in mysterious ways—and that love is truly a powerful force in directing our destinies.

I am a self-proclaimed traveller, adventure-seeker and lover of history, culture and all things vintage. I find humour in just about everything, and I’m known for the big grin that is always on my face.


My goal as a photographer is to ensure my clients have belly-aches from laughing so much throughout their entire experience with me. I empower my clients to be themselves around me so that they get the photos they truly deserve. I devote myself completely to my work to ensure that every photo I deliver is a reflection of my clients.

I have been smitten with the art of picture taking since I was 16 years old.  I mulled over every aspect of photography like a love sick puppy, and within a  year, I was a bona fide sidekick to a prominent wedding photographer. Before I knew what was happening, I started to live and breathe photography, graphic design, Photoshop,  Lightroom– you name it.  Though I was just a kid with a camera, I couldn’t be more  thankful for this time because it laid a solid foundation for me to be the photographer I am today. To learn about my philosophy and approach to picture-taking, pop on over to my details page.